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News! - Bell Griffin Dogs are now under the umbrella of Natural Pack Kennel. We have relocated from the U.S.  to Malaysia, and started a kennel that raises Bell Griffins, and Red Standard Poodles. 

Please join our Facebook group for Bell Griffins to stay in touch with families that have them in the US!

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We just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for our beautiful Sadie May. She is now 5 months old and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. Because of my daughter's allergies we were looking for a pup that didn't shed a lot and was hypoallergenic. Sadie has been perfect for that. My daughter can play with her and roll around with her on the floor with no problems. Sadie was so easy to house train and crate train. We worried she would cry all night when we first got her but she didn't. She is so pleasant and smart. She rings the bells on the front or back door to go outside. She sits, stays, gives paw and we're currently working on some new commands. Our entire family loves her very much. She is like one of our children now, she gives us all so much joy and love. Thank you so much, you guys did an awesome job.

~ Danielle Jerman