Our Bell Griffin dogs began as Springerdoodles from AKC registered Standard Poodle and English Springer Spaniel parents. We found that mix to be a bit more "hyper" than we wanted, which is common for retriever breeds. We paired our AKC registered purebred Komondor to a female from this Springerdoodle litter. This created a mix that seemed to be more calm, and added guardian traits that were important to us. Thus, the Bell Griffin was born. Wally, our Komondor, has the best temperament of any dog we have ever had. And that is saying something. This entire breeding plan began with testing the temperaments of all parents involved, as the highest priority. We didn't start this to sell puppies, we started this to create our ideal companion and working dog. After field testing them for three years on our farm, and seeing how amazing they are and how much they surprise us, we decided to provide others with them as well. We now stay in touch with many families whos lives have been enriched by Bell Griffins, and this is very rewarding. 

Purebred dogs have been line bred and inbred sometimes for generations, in order to keep the blood line "pure." This weakens the genetics and is the reason why so many are susceptible to diseases and disorders. Our goal was to create the hardiest dog possible with strong, diverse genetics and a long life span. Why get a purebred dog when you can have all the traits you want in a dog with more hybrid vigor, and better overall health? Of course, our Bell Griffins come from AKC registered purebred parents with traceable pedigrees, but the Bell Griffin itself is not an AKC registered breed. Yet. Rest assured, when this breed is registered, the prices will go up to reflect that. 

"Purebred" Springerdoodles from AKC registered parents with a health guarantee, are typically priced between $1500-$2000 USD by breeders. Our Bell Griffins are priced in two categories: the short, shedding coat type puppies are RM $5200. The non-shedding coat type puppies start at RM $6500 and go to RM $10,900 - depending on coat and eye color. Yet our Bell Griffins have several benefits over the Springerdoodles. The Komondor's amazing loyalty and guardian traits are one reason. The addition of a second non-shedding coat to the mix, is another. Komondorak have a demeanor that is more calm and sensitive and also more cuddly, yet still has that delightful goofiness. These traits have transferred beautifully to our Bell Griffins. The Komondor is referred to as the King Of Dogs for a reason, and he adds a special ingredient to our mix.

Our price takes two things into account: the fact that Bell Griffins are not registered and widely recognized yet. And the fact that we have not tested the parents for hip displaysia. Instead, we have now field tested them for four years, and have had literally zero trips to the vet for health issues. These are truly hardy dogs. They have qualities that absolutely blow away many breeds that are priced far higher.


  • We love if you can come see the puppies in person, if you are reasonably local to our area. That way you can meet their whole family and see the adults as well. However, for farther away folks, we have shipped pups with relative ease, so this can be done. We can get a quote for you if you'd like to go this route. We can send videos, photos, and do video calls via skype or facetime in order for you to chose a pup.  

  • We allow our puppies to go to their new homes at 10 weeks of age. We will hold your puppy longer for a fee of $10 per week and any vet bills incurred.

  • To hold your puppy, we require a deposit of $250, This deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable to another litter at any point in the future.

  • The price of our puppies is $600-$1200 depending, on coat type and colors. This amount must be paid in full by 10 weeks of age. We can use various apps to receive money, including Square Pay, Sqaurecash, Venmo and PayPal. Payment in cash upon pickup of your pup will work also.

  • We can sometimes travel to meet you with your pup if you are far away, and can be available to go as far as two hours from our farm. This may involve a delivery fee of $50 but depends on how far. 

  • We would prefer you to not spay or neuter you pup until a year and a half, as new research suggests this is better for the health of your dog, the complete development of their hormones, and doing so earlier can increase chances of certain cancers. 

  • If for any reason you find yourself no longer able to keep your puppy, we will take him/her back and find a new home for them. PLEASE, NEVER send one of our babies to an animal shelter.

  • If it is discovered that there is a serious medical problem with your pup, we will take him/her back if you'd like, and offer a replacement.