Our family took Kanako home 4 months ago. She is a 2 year old Bell Griffin. We nicknamed her Kona. We live on 6 acres of secluded rural land. We had lost our older yellow lab 6 months earlier and were looking for another dog to guard our property and become a loved member of our family. Kona adapted quickly to her new environment. She is a great guard dog and is very loving and sweet. We have found the Bell Griffin breed to be very loyal, smart, easily trainable dogs. She smiles when we arrive home! When she is outdoors, Kona stays near home and alerts us if there is any animal or person coming onto our property which is very comforting when we are home alone. An added benefit is that Kona does not shed! Kona gets along great with our little Shih Tzu dog and especially gets along with our two cats who can be found rubbing up against her and laying on top of her back! I would definitely recommend a Bell Griffin dog to others. Even our vet was impressed with the breed! They are GREAT dogs with wonderful attributes! Kona is one of the best dogs I have ever owned! 

~ Mary Smith

We took two Bell Griffins home about 2 months ago. Lambeau and Lexi. We are more than impressed with this breed. We found this breed and went to the farm to meet the pups. Gene and John were both so helpful and you can tell they really care and love every one of these dogs. Lambeau and Lexi are so loving and even-tempered. I was definitely nervous getting 2 new puppies at the same time but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have 2 young kids and they are absolutely great with them. They love to cuddle, play and learn. They are very intelligent, and are beautiful dogs. These 2 have been easy to train, as they are so attentive to you and your expectations. I talk to them like a human and it seems they understand. Absolutely a great family dog across the board.

~ Nick M.