The Story of Bell Griffin Dogs

Our special breed of dogs have been years in the making, and were bred for many reasons. Guarding the livestock and birds was a priority. Non-shedding hypoallergenic coats were important, as well as soft-mouth retrieving abilities. And last but not least, we wanted loving, friendly temperaments. We created our own special dog that embodies these ideal traits: The Bell Griffin. It is a perfect mix of Komondor, Standard Poodle, and Springer Spaniel. 

The Komondor, an ancient breed, was chosen for its guardian traits. The Poodle for its temperament and hypoallergenic coat. The Spaniel for its soft-mouth retrieving abilities, silky coat and temperament. Of course, each was carefully selected from quality purebred stock. These amazing dogs kept our last farm running well, and are fantastic company. They're loving and happy around people but know when to do their job and put their guard up. They have the ability to treat the animals carefully while remaining in charge. We enjoy them indoors for cuddles, and their coats are silky soft. 

We now breed these amazing dogs in Malaysia, for people who need the perfect companions, as well as for people who need the ideal guardians, for farms and families of all sizes.

Two Distinct Coat Types

Bell Griffin dogs have two main coat types: the non-shedding coat, and the short hair, low-shedding coat. We have found that after three generations, the English Springer Spaniel genes have surfaced in an interesting way, to create a hybrid between the Komondor/Poodle type, and the Spaniel type coat. Most of the pups are born with the non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat. But some pups are born with what looks like a retriever type coat.  These dogs have a smooth face, and grow to have a coat almost like a curly-haired retriever, that sheds a bit less. 

Example of Short Coat Type

Example of Non-shedding Coat Type

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